Yo-Yo Ma Masterclass Review

Yo-Yo Ma Masterclass Full Video Review – Worth It?

Yo-Yo Ma Masterclass Review

Yo-Yo Ma Masterclass Overview

World-renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma has spent more than 60 years connecting people with music. Now, the Grammy Award–winning artist is sharing that experience with you. Whether you’re a performer, a music lover, or simply a curious person, learn how music offers a way to develop connections, imagine new possibilities, and create strong communities.

Yo-Yo Ma has inspired people with his musical talent since he was five years old—with performances in front of people like Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy. He continued to hone his craft and went on to win 18 Grammys, become a Kennedy Center honoree, and be included in Time magazine’s Most Influential People of 2020. 

His collaborations with artists from all genres have allowed him to stretch the boundaries of tradition to explore music as a means not of sharing but also of contributing to a larger conversation about how culture can help us imagine and build a stronger society and a better future.

Lessons in this online class include:

  • Finding Connection and Common Purpose
  • Developing Creativity
  • Expressing Ourselves to Make an Impact
  • Making Your Head, Heart, and Hands Work Together
  • Adding Depth to Collaboration
  • Bridging Arts and Sciences

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Yo-Yo Ma Masterclass Video Review

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