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MONTHLY RYAN TEDDER REVIEW (2021) Write & Produce Hit Songs with Ryan Tedder

Take a look at Ryan Tedder’s songwriting process in this songwriting masterclass. Become a better songwriter in 30 days.

Now imagine you can have Ryan Tedder show you how he writes and produces songs. Not only that, but you create three songs of your own with his songwriting and production hacks.

Check this out…..

Triple-Grammy winner Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic teaches you everything he knows in this one-month class, transforming the way you make music. Ryan is recognized as the songwriting genius behind top hits by Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Adele, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift, to name a few. Immerse yourself in the process and leave the class with 3 release-ready songs.

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Who is this class for?

This class is for all skill levels, whether you’re new to making music, an instrumentalist who wants to make your own songs, or a more experienced songwriter or producer looking to accelerate your growth and expand your skills. The projects are designed so that you can practice and learn on the edge of your own personal abilities.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a month-long musical learning experience, level up your songwriting and production skills, and finish the class with three release-ready songs that you can share with your friends and family, this class is for you.

I do recommend you know how to use your DAW (Music Software)

What tools and equipment will I need for this class? Do I need to use Pro Tools?

Ryan uses Pro Tools in the class, but you’ll be able to apply the concepts he teaches within any DAW. If you’re already comfortable with a DAW, they encourage you to stick with that. If you want to follow along directly with Ryan, they recommend you use Pro Tools. Once you enroll and provide you with a full list of possible DAWs — both free options and paid options.

I took the class using Logic Pro and was fine.

Here’s an example of the first song I worked on during the class using Logic Pro

And here’s how it ended up after the class:

If you play an instrument, it will be helpful to have it on hand, though you’ll be able to take the class with digital instruments in your DAW only.

Once you’re in the class, we’ll let you know some of the other optional but nice-to-have gear like headphones and MIDI keyboards (including Ryan’s preferred gear across the board).

Will I get direct feedback from Ryan Tedder?

You’ll be learning from Ryan during the lesson videos, but the feedback during class will be from your peers. Monthly has designed the class so that you’ll get thorough feedback from your peers at every step along the way. Your peer group will include songwriters and producers of all experience levels who will be there to answer your questions, troubleshoot, and give advice and support throughout the class.

Ryan Reacts: Songs From His 30-Day Songwriting Class

From time to time Ryan reacts and gives feedback like in the video below but is not included with the class.

Ryan Tedder reacts to songs written and produced by students in his 30-day songwriting class on Monthly!

How exactly does the Ryan Tedder month-long class work?

Once you enroll, you’ll be placed in a peer group of about 20 other songwriters and producers from around the world, who will take the class with you. You all will start the class on the same day.

Each day, for 30 days, you’ll come back to the classroom to see ‘Today’s Tasks’, the classwork you should complete to stay on track. Some days the classwork will be watching video lessons. Other days you’ll be working on songwriting and production projects.

Throughout the class, you’ll share your ongoing work and give and receive peer feedback. Your peers will answer your questions and offer support and guidance every step of the way.

By the end of the class, you’ll create 3 release-ready tracks, applying all the new skills, techniques, and ideas you’ve learned and practiced throughout the class.

What is the time commitment and schedule for this class?

The time commitment for the class is around 7-10 hours per week for 4 weeks. This includes about 2-3 hours per week of instruction and 5-7 hours per week of songwriting and production projects, feedback sessions, and other classwork.

Depending on your schedule, you can budget about 1 hour every day during the month, or you can schedule a few longer sessions each week.

Either way, the class is designed to immerse you in the learning process, while still fitting into almost anyone’s busy schedule.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If for any reason you don’t want to take the class anymore, get 100% of your money back if you request it within the first 5 days of the class. You can process your refund directly in your account settings.

DISCOUNT INVITE LINK ➥ Ryan Tedder Monthly Class

More about Ryan Teder

Wikipedia | Twitter | OneRepublic (Youtube)

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