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Electric Keys by Karanyi Sounds comes FREE with any paid purchase for the whole of March. This retro plugin has a value of $39! 

Electric Keys is a sample-based virtual instrument plugin that features four sound sources from iconic FM synthesizers. Super clean and suitable for all levels!

Immerse yourself in the sonic essence of retro with Electric Keys – the plugin that revives the beloved tones of classic FM electric pianos. Authentic 80s and 90s electric piano sounds including the famous Los Angeles Electric Piano sound!

Along with some software on sale, you will find info for the “Sample Packs” vocal sale below.

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Plugins from ADSR Sounds:

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Vendor NameProduct NameSale PriceRegular PricePercent Off
Aria SoundsAurora Choir$39.00$399.0090.23%
BABY AudioAll Plugins Bundle$179.00$383.0053.26%
CableguysShaperBox 2$99.00$328.0069.82%
Cherry AudioMemorymode$39.00$59.0033.90%
Cherry AudioPS-20 Synthesizer$29.00$49.0040.82%
Cherry AudioEight Voice Synthesizer$29.00$49.0040.82%
Cherry AudioPolymode Synthesizer$29.00$49.0040.82%
Cherry AudioCA2600$25.00$39.0035.90%
Cherry AudioDCO-106$25.00$39.0035.90%
Cherry AudioVoltage Modular Nucleus 2$20.30$50.0059.40%
Cherry AudioQuadra$39.00$59.0033.90%
CloudBounceCloudBounce + BounceCast Annual Plan$208.00$298.0030.20%
Dark Silence SoftwareDark Grand PIano (Kontakt)$29.00$99.0070.71%
Dark Silence SoftwareDark Kalimba LE$9.99$24.9960.02%
Dark Silence SoftwareDark Grand Piano LE$9.99$34.9971.45%
Dark Silence SoftwareDark Grand Piano VST$24.99$59.9958.34%
Dark Silence SoftwareDark Tongue Drum LE$9.99$34.9971.45%
Dark Silence SoftwareDark Silence Instruments Bundle$24.99$94.9773.69%
Dark Silence SoftwareDark Kalimba (Kontakt)$29.99$74.9960.01%
DJ SWIVELAll Plugins Bundle$143.50$287.0050.00%
Faded InstrumentsHarmonal Binaurics$20.20$40.4050.00%
Faded InstrumentsBlumen und Planfzen$19.69$39.3850.00%
Faded InstrumentsSpectral Disturbtion$16.66$33.3250.00%
Faded InstrumentsLitbit$14.20$28.4050.00%
Initial AudioSektor$39.00$139.0071.94%
Initial AudioSlowMo$9.99$49.0079.61%
Initial AudioReverse$9.99$49.0079.61%
Initial AudioAnalog Pro$29.00$79.9963.75%
Initial AudioMaster Suite$49.00$199.0075.38%
Initial AudioAR1 Reverb$19.00$89.0078.65%
Initial Audio808 Studio 2$59.00$99.0040.40%
Initial AudioBoost X$15.00$79.0081.01%
Initial AudioDynamic Delay$24.00$79.0069.62%
Initial AudioIA-LA1$19.00$79.0075.95%
Initial AudioInitial Slice$99.00$149.0033.56%
LiveLoopLiveLoop Lite$79.00$350.0077.43%
New Nation Software808 Machine$20.00$50.0060.00%
New Nation SoftwareRoommate Reverb$11.99$20.0040.05%
New Nation SoftwareNot Your Average Drums VST$15.00$30.0050.00%
New Nation SoftwareNumb$15.00$30.0050.00%
New Nation SoftwareApache$15.00$30.0050.00%
New Nation SoftwareAlbanju$15.00$30.0050.00%
NoiseAshVocal Finalizer$29.90$90.0066.78%
NoiseAshAction Delay$29.90$90.0066.78%
NoiseAshRule Tec EQ1A$29.90$90.0066.78%
NoiseAshStereo Finalizer$29.90$90.0066.78%
NoiseAshNeed 31102 Console EQ$49.90$149.9066.71%
NoiseAshRule Tec Heritage Pro$49.90$149.0066.51%
NoiseAshAction Phaser$29.90$90.0066.78%
NoiseAshAction Filter$29.90$90.0066.78%
NoiseAshRule Tec EQ5M$29.90$139.9078.63%
NoiseAshPalmary Collection$119.00$399.0070.18%
NoiseAshBest of NoiseAsh$69.90$270.0074.11%
NoiseAshNEED Preamp and Eq Collection$149.00$350.0057.43%
NoiseAshNEED Preamps$29.90$130.0077.00%
NoiseAshNEED 533 Eq$49.90$150.0066.73%
NoiseAshNEED 84 Console Eq$49.90$150.0066.73%
NoiseAshNEED 81 Console Eq$49.90$150.0066.73%
NoiseAshNEED 73 Console Eq$49.90$150.0066.73%
Stagecraft SoftwareStagecraft DJ Tools Bundle$87.50$125.0030.00%
Studio Trap SoftwareStudioX$19.99$29.9933%
Aria SoundsLondon Symphonic Strings$39.00$399.0090%
ThenatanTape Piano 2$29.50$79.5063%
Cherry AudioRackmode Signal Processors$99.00$129.0023%
Black Salt AudioOxygen$79.00$99.0020%

More Info: ADRS Sounds Plugin Sales

June 2022 Free With Purchase

Free with purchase plugin for June – Tape Mello-Fi from Arturia

Tape MELLO-FI is an easy-to-use plugin that brings an instant chill atmosphere and vintage tape-aged warmth to any sound.

March Free 2022 with Purchase | Slice EQ by Kilohearts

Slice EQ is an advanced parametric equalizer with great modulation potential, especially when combined with Snap Heap.
Cut, or enhance, frequencies with surgical precision using Slice EQ, and modulate your filters for some really cool effects.

Advanced Parametric EQ

Cut, or enhance, frequencies with surgical precision using Slice EQ. And modulate your filters for some really cool effects. Slice EQ offers you everything you need to create mathematically perfect filter combinations to get your music exactly where you want it to go.

More Info

February 2022 Free with Purchase | VocalMint Compressor

This plug-in consists of 3 different & cleverly pre-tuned compressors, including a special analog-like stage based on the model of a real valve. Designed especially for voice.

“Take a mint and get noticed”. A one-knob multi-stage compressor for voice.

The VocalMint plug-in series delivers top-notch professional voice tools packed in an intuitive “no learning curve” interface.

Have you ever wondered how to build up a complete compression chain for any vocal track in only one move? With VocalMint Compressor you can do it.

This plug-in consists of 3 different & cleverly pre-tuned compressors, including a special analog-like stage based on the model of a real valve. The last two stages introduce a subtle tone-shaping, too.

January 2022 Free with Purchase

Simple & Unique Acoustic Guitar Sounds. The Numb – Dark Acoustic Guitar VST will help you get the grimey & dark sound you’re looking for!

Numb is a Sampled Acoustic Guitar Instrument. We recorded and sampled 14 different Acoustic Guitars + Fret noise. Containing 4 total Sampler Engines, you can blend 4 different Guitar Tones at a time. By blending these 4 Guitar Tones together, we bring you some Unique Acoustic Guitar Combinations!

With Numbs light & easy-to-use interface, you will have no problems finding a preset or create your own sounds altogether. With streamlining your productions in mind, we kept everything, well, simple! Minimal FX allows you to use the FX you’re already familiar with (let’s face it, we all do anyway), quickly have full control over each Flute & easily browse presets!

Download Includes:

  • VST3 (Windows)
  • VST3 & AU (Mac)
  • Easy Install Guide
  • 15 Factory Guitar Presets
  • Compatible with all DAWs (excluding Pro-Tools)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Not Compatible with Pro Tools

The interface has 3 main sections:

  • Top: FX In-Depth Adjustments + Preset Browser
    • Here you will find all of your FX Parameters + your Preset Browser. Easily browse, adjust & tweak your sounds in this section.
  • Middle: Sampler Adjustments
    • This section contains the Sampler Engines for your Guitar Instruments. Quickly edit & change your samples to create the sound you’re looking for.
  • Bottom: FX Quick Adjustments
    • Linked to the FX with the same name in TOP Section, these are an even faster way to add FX & get an idea of your sound.

Numb is a Lightweight that hits like a Heavyweight! What we’re trying to say is it uses minimal CPU but still packs a big punch. With a quick, easy & painless install (thanks to our easy-to-follow Install Guide), you will be creating something fresh in no time! Let’s all try to create something new, something original, something SPECIAL.

December 2021 Free Plugin with Purchase

LoFi Pitch Dropout

Tape Stops – Lofi Starts! Imagine a tape in an old playback system getting stuck and then speeding up again to catch up, adding a nice and subtle flux to the pitch of your signal. Pitch Dropout allows you to do this randomly.


Six modes to add tasty errors

Imagine a tape in an old playback system getting stuck and then speeding up again to catch up, adding a nice and subtle flux to the pitch of your signal.

Pitch Dropout allows you to do this randomly, ranging in frequency from very rarely to extremely often, or even controlled precisely through the Dropout button, which you can automate to sync to your beat.

Add an extra layer of character to your sounds.

Key Features:

  • Create subtle to strong pitch errors in your signal
  • Six different Modes, simulating a variety of dropout behaviors
  • Mono Dropout Mode affects both channels the same
  • Stereo Dropout Mode creates wide effects by independent Errors on each channel
  • Trigger Dropouts by adjustable Chance
  • Trigger Dropouts manually with the automatable Dropout button
  • Amount dial to scale overall error intensity
  • Amount and Chance are finetuned to work with each mode

November 2021 Free Plugin with Purchase

ADSR Sounds are giving away Parallel Mixing Plugin 2 for free with every purchase in the month of November.

Parallel Mixing Plugin

Parallel Aggressor is powered by two parallel engines, a compressor, and a saturator. This results in three audio tracks running in the plugin simultaneously: Dry, Spank, and Spice. Users can set their desired balance between them with the faders in order to achieve the perfect mix quicker than ever.

There will be an option to add it to your shopping cart at check out. No Codes Need.

October 2021 Free Plugin with Purchase

ADSR Sounds are giving away HUSTLE 2 by UJAM for free with every purchase in the month of October.

Virtual Beatmaker for Trap

Bass music genres are all about the beat – booming bass drums, frantic hi-hats, and gritty snares. HUSTLE 2 captures the spirit of the genre – sounds, patterns, and mix. Get busy with a virtually unlimited combination of credible beats inspired by the legendary Roland TR-808.

There will be an option to add it to your shopping cart at check out. No Codes Need.

4462 Tempo-Synced & Root Key Labelled Guitar Loops

FLASH SALE ALERT! For $20 (normally $234) YOU get Guitar Bundle – a bundle of premium quality instrument loops by Image Sounds!

At more than 91% off, you get all 6 packs for the price of $20. Totally EXCLUSIVE. Don’t miss out! all 6 fully-loaded packs for just $20 – Act fast as this flash sale won’t last!

Total Bundle Contents:

  • 4462 Tempo Synced & Root Key Labelled Guitar Loops!
  • 1174 Neo Soul Guitar Loops
  • 1013 RnB Guitar Loops
  • 729 Acoustic Guitar Loops
  • 678 Rock Guitar Loops
  • 466 Funk Guitar Loops
  • 402 Pedal Steel Guitar Loops
  • 60 – 240 BPM
  • 100% Royalty Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 4462 Files
  • 5.2 GB +

Packs Included:

  • RnB Guitar
  • Rock Guitar 1
  • Acoustic Guitar 2
  • Neo Soul Guitar 1
  • Pedal Steel Guitar 1
  • Funky Guitar 2

ADSR Sounds October 2021 Plugin Coupon Codes

Here are all the October discounts on Plugins.

Coupon Code: No Code Need – Just visit ADRS Sounds for all the latest deals on these plugins.

Vendor NameProduct NameSale PriceRegular PricePercent OffSale Ends
Karanyi Sounds
Producer Essentials
$29.00$110.0073.64%Oct 8th
MeldaProductionMPowerSynth$121.00$242.0050.00%Oct 3rd
MeldaProductionMDoubleTracker$48.00$96.0050.00%Oct 3rd
MeldaProductionMReverbMB$29.50$59.0050.00%Oct 3rd
MeldaProductionMTremeloMB$23.50$47.0050.00%Oct 3rd
AudifiedRZ062$99.00$199.0050.25%Oct 20th
AudifiedRZ062$99.00$199.0050.25%Oct 20th
UJAMIRON 2$99.00$149.0033.56%Oct 3rd
UJAMIRON 2 Loyalty Offer$79.00$149.0046.98%Oct 3rd
United PluginsFirepresser$59.00$118.0050.00%Oct 4th
CloudBounceCloudBounce Lifetime$99.00$1,999.9095.05%Oct 4th

Vocal Plugins

Vendor NameProduct NameSale PriceRegular PricePercent OffSale Ends
NoiseAshVocal Finalizer$29.90$90.0066.78%Perpetual
SONiVOXVocalizer Pro$14.99$149.9990.01%Perpetual
DJ SWIVELThe Sauce$104.30$149.0030.00%Oct 4th
AccentizeDialogueEnhance$49.00$70.0030.00%Oct 4th
AccentizeVoiceGate$112.00$160.0030.00%Oct 4th
AudifiedTNT Voice Executor$34.50$69.0050.00%Oct 4th
AudifiedTonespot Voices Pro$49.50$99.0050.00%Oct 4th
AudifiedTonespot Voice Express$24.50$49.0050.00%Oct 4th
AudifiedVocalMint Compressor$39.50$79.0050.00%Oct 4th
United PluginsVoxessor$55.60$139.0060.00%Oct 4th

ADSR Sounds Sample Packs Discounts

No Code Need – Just visit ADRS Sounds for all the latest deals on sample packs.

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