ELECTRUM The Mother of all Guitar Amps

Electrum Review -The Mother of all Guitar Amps?

United Plugins Electrum is the all-in-one single-screen guitar solution. The last amplifier and pedalboard your guitar will ever need. It matches any guitar style or technique. Rhythm guitar or solo. From jazz to modern metal. Achieve perfect sound for any electric guitar quickly and easily with all options available within a single window.


Original amplifier (not just another attempt to simulate a Marshall – takes the best of all amps out there) Realistic dynamic response – just like a real thing EQ Matching! Input level analysis – easy setup One screen solution – easy to navigate, quick workflow Dual GUI – choose if you like 3D or flat view 5 amps/300 cabinets settings Intelligent PolyTuner Everything at your finger-tips

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Electrum Review

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