Donner Echo Square Digital Delay Guitar Pedal Review

Donner Echo Square Digital Delay Guitar Pedal Full Video Review

The Donner Multi Digital Delay Pedal Echo Square Guitar Effect Pedal 7 Modes is the latest delay pedal from Donner. With seven modes of delay, there is something for everyone and many delay styles that can add a variety of delay effects and musical color to your tone. The seven modes include Digital Delay, Analog Delay, Tape Delay, Mod Delay, Sweep Delay,  Lofi Delay, and Reverse Delay. Let’s take a closer look…….

Donner Echo Square Digital Delay Guitar Pedal Review Top
Durable aluminum alloy outer casing in a mini size pedal.

The Echo Square is housed in a glorious blue durable aluminum alloy outer casing with three small function knobs: MIX, TIME, and FEEDBACK, One large Knob for the delay type, a LED on and off indicator, and of course the on and off footswitch.

MIX is used to control the dry/effect signal ratio. Even with the full mix to effect you can still hear the dry signal.

TIME is used to control the delay time. With the Time knob almost all the way down, you will get a doubling type of effect.

FEEDBACK is used to control the feedback amount of the delay.

Donner Multi Digital Delay Pedal Echo Square Guitar Effect Pedal 7 Modes has a digital circuit design, true bypass providing transparent tone when in off mode and requires a DC 9V Adapter power supply. (DC Nine Volt Adapter power supply not included)

This is a great pedal to add as a second delay pedal to use the less common delay settings: Mod, Sweep, Lofi, and Reverse.
Watch video for sound demos.

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Donner Echo Square Digital Delay Guitar Pedal Review Video

Video Outline

You can skip around the video using the following timeline. Video total running time: 8:53

  • 00:00 Intro: Improv jam in sweep mode.
  • 00:29 Verbal overview and description.
  • 2:25 Slow picking guitar with just a touch of delay. Moving through digital, analog, and tape delay. Also adding in a bit of chorus around the 3:22 mark.
  • 3:42 A brief demo of some digital delay.
  • 3:53 Sweep delay mode. A cool kind of auto-wah thing.
  • 4:17 Adding in the Donner Harmonic Square pitch shifter before the sweep delay.
  • 4:49 Lofi mode with a little overdrive.
  • 5:08 Reverse mode. My favorite mode of the Donner Echo Square so I jam out a bit here.
  • 6:16 More Lofi mode but with no overdrive this time.
  • 6:31 Sweep mode. My second favorite mode. I added some reverb from the Yamaha THR-10 at around 7:23 and move to Mod mode at about 7:27
  • 7:52 Going nuts with the TIME knob
  • 8:24 Outtro

In this video, I go through all modes with different settings, other gear used in the review video: Fender Special Run (FSR) ’72 Telecaster Custom P90, Golden Brownie pedal, Donner Harmonic Square pitch shifter recorded into a Yamaha TRH10 Modeling amp recording directly into Logic Pro X via the USB out of TRH10. I also use some of the Yamaha TRH10 onboard effects such as the chorus and reverb to see how it works with other processed sounds. And indeed, Echo Square plays nice with others.

Donner Echo Square Modes Overview

A quick look at the different modes that come with the Echo Square delay unit.

DigitalThis delay effect provides a pure, accurate delay sound.
AnalogThis delay effect provides a warm, vintage delay sound.
TapeThis delay effect simulates the vintage tape echo sound.
ModThis delay effect provides a delay
with modulation.
SweepThis dealy effect provides a delay with a sweeping filter.
LofiThis dealy effect provides a delay with a simple reducing feedback
ReverseThis dealy effect provides a delay with a revered feedback.

Donner Echo Square Manual

Donner Echo Square Manual
Donner Echo Square Manual

Donner Echo Square Modes In More Detail

Digital Delay, Analog Delay, And Tape Delay Modes

The difference between the digital, analog, and tape delay modes is very subtle with the analog setting sounding the warmist sounding. The types of sounds you get are pretty much what you would expect from a digital, analog, and tape delay. With the mix knob at twelve o’clock and the time and feedback all the way down you can get a nice double/ chorus effect, I also found if you put a chorus after this setting, it really adds to the overall effect. Hear this sound demo in the video.

Mod Delay

The Mod delay mode adds a light modulation to the delay.

Fits nice in pedal board
The Donner’s Echo Square mini pedal fits nice and snug on your pedalboard. Here we have the Seven Mode Digital Delay housed right next to a Donner nano Metal Head pedal and a Joyo American Sound amp simulator.

Sweep Mode

The sweep mode is where things start to get less common for a delay pedal and it is why you may want to have a few delays pedals in your recording studio or live pedal board set up. The sweep mode is like an auto-wah and you can get some nice sounds out of it. I really dig this sound from messing around with these settings.

Lofi Mode

The loft mode of the Donner Echo Square sounds like a ring modulator, turn the mix all the way up and the time and feedback all the down and you get ringing sound, add in other effects to taste like a pitch shifter and you get some pretty wild sounds. I use the Donner harmonic square for this effect in the video demo. Of course, you can add back in the time and feedback and some of the dry signal to get even more wacky sounds

Reverse Mode

I think this is my favorite mode of the Donner Echo Square. It’s a super simple way to get a quick reverse sound of anything you throw at it.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a 9volt battery?

No, as with all the Donner mini pedals, there isn’t any room for a nine-volt battery. You will need a nine-volt adapter or your power brick.

Does it come with a power adapter?

No, you will need to provide your own power adapter.

Is this pedal true bypass?

Yes, The Donner Echo Square Delay is a true bypass pedal providing transparent tone when in off mode. This lets your instrument’s signal pass through a non-electronic bypass line when the effect is disengaged, feeding your amp with the direct, unaltered signal from your instrument.

Is there a tap tempo option?

No, the Donner Echo Square does not have a tap tempo button or option, you set the delay time with the time knob.

Final Thoughts

Side View

Overall I really like the Donner Echo Square, it has some cool features that your standard delay pedal doesn’t. The advantage to having this in your pedalboard or recording studio over just a regular dealy pedal is that you have the Lofi, Reverse, and Mod modes and they can add a lot of flavor and color to your overall sound.

My favorite modes of the Donner are the Sweep and Reverse settings. I would have to say that the Lofi mode is my least favorite, but maybe one day it will come in handy.

Overall it’s a cool pedal that can add some cool vibe to your playing.

Where To Buy

You can buy the Donner Echo Square Digital Delay Guitar Pedal Here.

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