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History of the Drumset – A Century of Drumming Evolution 1865 to 1965 Documentary

The Century Project is the culmination of a journey that begun in 1994 when Daniel Glass started researching the evolution of the drums and the way we play them. Through his research, he came to a startling conclusion: “If we understand more about the drum set, we can understand the origin of every style of popular music we play and listen to today: jazz, rock, blues, hip-hop, funk, reggae, etc.”

The History of the Drumset.

The Century Project 100 Years of American Music From Behind The Drums Documentary takes the viewer on a 100-year thrill ride, from 1865 at the end of the Civil War right up to 1965 and the dawn of the British Invasion. It shows how drums and pop music evolved hand-in-hand, and how, by 1965, the drumming blueprint that we still follow to this day had been cemented.

While this documentary is geared more towards drummers, this would be good for people interested in music and its history. Daniel Glass has also produced a film called “From Ragtime To Rock” which would appeal more to the general music fan as well.

Did you know fly swatters were originally used before brushes?

Before amplifiers, drummers needed a way to play quietly so they began using fly swatters. This eventually leads to the invention of brushes.

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Take a trip back in time to learn more.

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