Donner Deluxe Looper Review

Donner Deluxe Looper Full Video Review

There seem to be a few looper pedals like the Donner Deluxe Looper with different name brands on them and people have asked me if the Donner looper is the same as other brands. I don’t own any of the other brands’ clones or know if the Donner Deluxe Looper is a Clone of another pedal.

But I can say this:

The Donner Deluxe has a nice durable aluminum casing and slim design. Some really cool extra features on this looper: reverse and multiple speed/pitch changing. The change feature allows you to record another loop and switch between. (I don’t show this in the video.)

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Product Description ( From Donner )

Its ultra-simple design and guitar-center features like true-bypass, analog-dry-through, high-quality audio. With 10 minutes of looping time and unlimited overdubs and undo/redo functionality, Deluxe Looper is the perfect blend of quality, creativity, and simplicity.

  • Import/export loops from pc (44.1 kHz, 24 bit)
  • 10 minutes of looping, unlimited overdubs
  • Backing track – perfect for solo practice and live performance
  • Dedicated stop/clear footswitch

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This review originally appeared on another website that I run that is no longer available.


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2 responses to “Donner Deluxe Looper Full Video Review”

  1. Cheap ??????? …… $325.90 !!!!!!
    You’re having a laugh

    1. Looks like Donner is sold out at the time you checked. That high price is from a 3rd party seller. Check Donners website here. or check back on Amazon in a few days.

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