Best Drumsticks For Electronic Drums Zildjian Anti-Vibe Drumsticks Review 800
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Best Drumsticks For Electronic Drums Zildjian Anti-Vibe Drumsticks Review

When playing electronic drum kits, normal drumsticks can take a toll on your arms and hands, especially after playing for long periods of time. That’s where what I call the best drumsticks for electronic drums come in to play.

The Zildjian Anti-Vibe Drumsticks.

At first, I thought the anti-vibe sticks wouldn’t make a big difference. Perhaps just a useless gimmick. Boy, I was wrong. After switching from standard drumsticks you get no pain after a practice session. These drumsticks are great on practice pads as well.

I use the 7A Nylon Anti-Vibe Drumsticks, but they come in many sizes 5A, 7A, and so on, with either wood or nylon tips. Many options here.

If you’re looking for a better drumstick for playing electronic drums, you really can’t go wrong with these in your hands.

From Zildjian:

A consistent favorite for its medium sized dimensions and teardrop bead. Developed in conjunction with noted vibration authority, Sims Vibration Laboratory, Zildjian Anti-Vibe Drumsticks contain a patented feature that effectively reduces key vibrations.

The video below is just a look. Obviously, you can’t feel the difference from watching a video. lol

What are your favorite drumsticks for electronic drums?

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  • Paulina

    It’s awesome that you get no pain with these after a practice session! My friend has an Electronic Drum set and I think there are the drumsticks that he uses.

  • Michael

    Great article. Drumming takes a lot more endurance than most people imagine. My friend use to play so hard and long that he would get bloody blisters on his hands. I definitely want to recommend these anti-vibe drumsticks to him.

  • Zhang Xiaoling

    Thanks for the info. I don’t know a lot about electronic drum sticks but I actually have a friend searching for drumsticks for electronic drums and I’ll refer your website to her.

    • Greg

      Cool, Thanks for the comment Linda. Acoustic drums have a nice bounce to them whereas electric drum kits are mostly hard surfaces. The anti-shock drumsticks make a big difference when playing. Your nephews will love them.

  • Azima jannat

    Your best-drumsticks-for-electronic-drums-zildjian-anti-vibe-drumsticks-review post is very interesting and more necessary. thank you so much for sharing this best article

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