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Simmons SD1200 Review

  • What Is The Simmons SD1200 Electronic Drum Kit?/ Who is the Simmons SD1200 For?
  • Full In-depth Video Review With Sound Demos – All 50 Drum Kits.
  • More details on the kit and sounds
  • The Simmons SD1200 as a MIDI Controller with EZDrummer (Video)
  • The Simmons iOS App
  • Features and Specs
  • Where to Buy


The Simmons SD1200 is the new flagship electronic drum kit offering from Simmons and is a nice upgrade from the SD600 kit I reviewed earlier this year.

The biggest improvements from the SD 600 kit is 15 more preset drum kits (50 total), bigger pads for the snare and floor tom (13in. Snare, 10in. floor tom), 13in. 3 zone ride and you can load your own samples. 

The Simmons SD600 includes a kick drum pedal, but the ST 1200 does not. The SD 1200 comes with a snare drum stand.


Polyphony 64 Voices
50 Preset Kits
Up to 25 User Kits (containing 19 sounds in 8 drums) (expanded kit = 23 sounds in 10 drums)
764 Preset Sounds, 128 User Sounds
28Mb of User Sample Memory (for . WAV files)

4 Demo Songs
25 User Songs
Mixer: Kick, Snare, Toms, Crash 1, Crash 2, Ride, Hi-Hat, Tom 4 and 2 Cymbal Inputs
Effects: Room, Stage, Hall,

and Plate Reverbs, Delay
and Echo 2-Band EQ per Kit

  • Large and bright full-color graphic LCD and intuitive, easy-to-program user interface
  • Simmons Signature Sound Library: 764 of the most sought-after acoustic drums, world percussion, and vintage Simmons sounds
  • Bluetooth® MIDI for wireless connectivity to smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Import samples to the sound module for expanded performance options
  • Record, create,
and edit your own samples and sets Interactive Pattern Looping capabilities USB hosting features:             – Playback of .wav files or mp3 from USB drive for performance or practice             – Recording your own .wav files for evaluating your performance Built-in performance mixer with on-the-fly mixing, pitch shift, shape parameters,
  • and more
  • Optional SD1200 Expansion Kit adds another dual-zone crash cymbal and floor tom


Snare – Dual-zone
Toms 1–3 – Dual-zone
Crash – Dual-zone
Hi-Hat – Dual-zone with multi-positional controller Ride – Triple Zone
Tom 4 and Crash 2 inputs – Dual Zone


Aluminum hex with steel support rods Adjustable mounts
Snare Stand


12” Mesh Dual Zone Snare
8”, 8”, 10” Mesh Dual Zone Toms 12” Dual-zone Hi-Hat Cymbal 12” Dual-Zone Crash Cymbal
14” Triple Zone Ride Cymbal Mesh Kick Drum pad with Stand Multi-position Hi-Hat Controller


Headphone Output
Master Stereo Outputs (1/4” TS Unbalanced) 1/8” TRS Aux Input
MIDI In and Out Jacks
USB Connection


Preset Songs – 4 demo songs
Adjustable tempo
Click/Metronome – Click Voice, Time Signature, Tempo, Interval, Volume

Simmons SD1200 12 inch Snare Drum Pad

4 inch Triple Zone Ride

From Simmons:

The Simmons SD1200 is an electronic kit for drummers looking to master their craft with a top-tier practice and rehearsal kit. A custom sound library is matched with state-of-the-art mesh pads and cymbals for a realistic feel and sound.

 The responsive 12” dual-zone snare drum includes its own stand to get the angle just right, and 8” to 10” toms are also dual-zone to trigger alternate voices. Each drum pad includes dual-layer, tension-adjustable mesh for a customizable, lifelike feel. A mesh kick drum is also included, and it’s simple to mount your favorite beater pedal. Crash and Ride cymbals are 2- and 3-zone (bell/bow/edge) with a choke function for dynamic effects. A variable pedal controls the dual-zone hi-hat to get smooth semi-open sounds, trashy edge accents, splash and more. It’s all anchored to a new, solid hex rack to prevent drums from slipping on the rack while playing.

The SD1200 sound module features a large color LCD screen for a detailed look at kits and editing. Dedicated faders, knobs, and buttons simplify kit customization from changing the mix to wild, filtered sound design. The module includes wireless Bluetooth MIDI and a USB input for importing your own WAV files. The Simmons Advanced App for iOS can be used to customize kits, record new samples, and practice with recorded tracks.


The Simmons Signature Sound Library is an expansive collection of the world’s most coveted drum kits and snares, recorded with the same world-class audio equipment made famous on classic albums. Simmons’ VAR technology offers many dynamic levels, resulting in true-to-life feel and sound. Classic cymbals with stereo samples have a long, natural decay for maximum realism. The SD1200’s 764 sounds include a wide collection of world percussion and vintage electronic drums rounds out the collection for creative inspiration.

Using the Free iOS app

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