Asmuse Kalimba Thumb Piano Review (17 Keys) in C

Asmuse Kalimba Thumb Piano Review (17 Keys) in C Major

Asmuse Kalimba Thumb Piano Review. Kalimba is also known as Mbria and thumb piano. It is a folk African folk musical instrument thumb piano.

17 Keys Kalimba Acacia KOA Body Finger Piano Mbira Sanza Thumb Instrument with Kalimba Songbook 15 Songs Study Guide, Tuning Hammer and 4 Pcs Finger Thumb Picks(Solid KOA Wood)

What I Like: 

  • Sounds Good
  • Easy to Tune
  • Well Built
  • Easily change from key of C to G and back


  • Asmuse Kalimba is made of African original KOA Body(sound clearer than Mahogany Wood one) with 17 keys carbon Metal steel tunes bring you an exquisite voical experience
  • Easy to Play and Portable to go Just hold Kalimba in your hand and slide tunes by thumb.Also convenience when go outdoor with a portable bag to carry on.To gain your joys whenever and wherever
  • Quick to Learn with a guidance:An instructions is prepared for beginners to learn how to use and tune Kalimba as well as learn some practical songsThat also works for basic learner.
  • Different Style:Our Kalimba is internetional standard C tune,also be able to turn tune into G tune by Tune Hammer to try more style.To get a tremolo sound when set a removable chain will be still funny
  • Package includes 12 kinds of accessories:kalimba+Instructions(music book included)+clothbag+Tune Hammer + color and melody notation+4 Pcs Finger Thumb Picks +A removable chain

Where To Buy

Check current price and get more info here: Asmuse Thumb Piano 17 Keys Kalimba

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